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What are the structure characteristics of the hepar

  The liver was divided into left, with a sickle in the right two leaves. The right lobe is large and thick, and the left lobe is small and thin. While the new leaf method will be divided into liver left medial lobe Left lateral lobe, right anterior lobe, right posterior lobe and shout leaves. The liver surface is thin and dense connective tissue is formed by the membrane, the… Read Article →

In winter, drink plenty of water

Winter weather is cold and dry, a lot of people to be dry, sore throat, nosebleeds, yellow urine, that is, we usually say “lit”. In order to effectively prevent, can drink 1 thermos bottle boiling water per person per day is best. Can not wait until thirsty to drink water, because at this time, that the body has been in a state of drought. Develop the initiative to drink, the… Read Article →

How to recharge after the summer

  Severe or prolonged exercise will make a loss of fluids, hypovolemia, heartbeat accelerate, palpitation, chest tightness, symptoms, if not replenish moisture, various organs will inevitably due to lack of water out of trouble. It’s easy to heat stroke in the summer.   So what water should be added? In theory, with the loss of sweat, apart from water, calcium and magnesium in plasma will lack, so should drink containing… Read Article →

Correct method of drinking water

  1.  Water will “die”? Experts have written that water if you do not often hit, is often in a state of motion and its chain structure will continue to expand, extension, become dead. And this water is not suitable for drinking. But the market many bottled or bottled purified water, from the factory to end customers drinking is completed, to go through a long period of time. In this… Read Article →

Drink a lot of water every day, the skin is like water

Have harmful often drink pure water ? Some experts say: pure water is not suitable for drinking, because the pure water in the filter out impurities, bacteria and other harmful substances, but also to the nutritional components are lost. On this issue should be treated dialectically, we know, now stage people drink the basic objective is to quench their thirst, replenish moisture, and nutrients needed by the human body is… Read Article →

Coarse grains and vegetables can also be added to the water

    The body of water, in addition to direct intake, food, vegetables can also provide a large part of the. According to the research, the rice moisture content is about 70%, the cabbage can reach about 90%6. Adults usually drinks and drinking water can be obtained from 1-1.5 liters of water every day, from food and vegetables can also be obtained from 1 to 1.5 litres of water. So it… Read Article →