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No one can make you feel ashamed of

A black mother took her daughter to Bermingham to buy clothes. A clerk from the white daughter, not let her into the dressing room, said haughtily. The fitting room is only white to use, you can only go to the storage room for a black room. But mother didn’t notice, she said coldly to the clerk. My daughter today if not in this room, I will change a clothes shop!…. Read Article →

No ugly woman, only lazy woman

Beauty — from the inside, nourish the woman “the beauty of a woman’s life career!” Hollywood famous movie star Shalang·SI Stone once said. For a woman, nothing is more important than beauty. But the beauty of the face is not just a cosmetic can be in exchange, it needs to be nourished by the inside out. Only by understanding their physiological function, skin characteristics, to choose their own beauty strategy,… Read Article →

Stay up late will get sick

  Facial cleanser cleansing instrument collocation type, using technology to quickly take away the dirt, sweep the dark Stay up late muscle are most afraid of sleep with makeup, servo condition muscle table also sticky adhesive sebum, dust, perspiration and other impurities in the pores affect the normal breathing, let skin hypoxia, overnight become dull rough, incidentally caused breakouts and acne. So, as long as you have a bit of… Read Article →