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Small common sense of life

1. blowing the whistle of beauty method: whistle can “mobilize” the facial muscles to full exercise, and thus can reduce the beauty of facial skin wrinkles. In addition, the whistle can make the pulse slow, blood pressure is reduced, so it is called a fitness activity”. 2. beauty soup method: the boiled rice gruel or corn porridge, adding water. Cooked rice soup take appropriate smear on the face, the grains… Read Article →

Reasonable using small tools, make you beautiful

Beauty is a woman’s nature, a lot of MM will choose to make themselves more beautiful, but there are also many girls are not good at make-up, so every time to give their own make-up, very distressed. In fact, in the make-up of the time, select some of the make-up tools to help you. Taobao shop on a shop, I saw a small beauty model of the makeup of the… Read Article →

To eliminate bags under the eyes of the five coup order to remove the lower eyelid or the formation of the capsule bag, the best day can be inclined to lie on a slant board for a few minutes, to take this posture, plus the head face blood circulation, to improve the nutritional status of facial skin. Every night before going to bed if with vitamin E capsule in the viscous liquid on the skin for a period of… Read Article →