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All corset vest, not thin not

All corset vest, not thin not I think thin King of this beauty is not enough, what I want is, very strong, very strong, thin! So I started to wear adjustable set of underwear, including girdles, vests, waist harness Pant, a full range of tight adjustable underwear, my school wear, work wear, sleep wear to bed, armed to the mission to be thin! Adjustable underwear tops, beam pants, corset, these… Read Article →

God Yes, thinner legs my

God Yes, thinner legs my During those desperate blind in the process of losing weight, I especially has a strong attachment for her thigh! In China the most dissatisfied with their thighs. To be honest, when PE shorts, my thighs, pretty thin compared to the students, but I was Japan girls Idol effect is too deep, think is two legs fail is standard. Japan girls Idol, I found that after… Read Article →