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War pox not secret cheats public

War pox not secret cheats public Very few people are completely acne! If the acne has emerged scarred, that was lucky, you can squeeze it out without harming the skin condition. But if it is acne, it is recommended that you only a need a doctor, his case left acne scars on the face may not worth it at all! Teach war codes-Super King of beauty on Earth war pox… Read Article →

And the latest watermelon watermelon Jieshu beauty beauty Daquan

Lead: one summer, watermelon will become a lot of people Jieshu jiapin. But, you know the watermelon in addition to Jieshu, there is a very good cosmetic effect? Want to know how to beauty? Today, we listen to the small series for everyone to accept the beauty of watermelon. The first account: watermelon rind speckle Hanau Skin effect: speckle replenishment calm Method: put the party clean watermelon skin with a… Read Article →

The morning spent only 10 minutes skin moisturizing

The morning spent only 10 minutes skin moisturizing All day long Early in the morning wake up in the sun, feel the power of water! The morning sun, can let the body be soothing. Sleep in the day to open the curtains! This is the first step to create beautiful skin. First 5 minutes: morning facial cleanser using solid shape of facial soap. Morning of cleansing, using a simple solid… Read Article →

Daily skin care knowledge

1. wake up every day to drink 2 cups of water, add some salt in which a cup can clear intestines and stomach, returning home after work, homemade moisturizing facial mask, to the skin to drink water, to keep it moist. 2. to go out before we must rub cream and sunscreen, back home to remember to immediately remove the makeup, this is a very important step in skin care,… Read Article →

Daily beauty tips

Everyday we have many ingredients baby can bring beauty skin care, such as: honey, milk, eggs, fruit, even white rice, cosmetic effect but quite good, let us work together to take a look at these daily beauty knowledge tips: Honey: Honey diluted two times with water, daily coating of the face, can promote the skin’s metabolism, reduce facial wrinkles, eliminate skin pigmentation. Milk: apply face with fresh milk, daily 1… Read Article →

Small common sense of life

1. blowing the whistle of beauty method: whistle can “mobilize” the facial muscles to full exercise, and thus can reduce the beauty of facial skin wrinkles. In addition, the whistle can make the pulse slow, blood pressure is reduced, so it is called a fitness activity”. 2. beauty soup method: the boiled rice gruel or corn porridge, adding water. Cooked rice soup take appropriate smear on the face, the grains… Read Article →

Reasonable using small tools, make you beautiful

Beauty is a woman’s nature, a lot of MM will choose to make themselves more beautiful, but there are also many girls are not good at make-up, so every time to give their own make-up, very distressed. In fact, in the make-up of the time, select some of the make-up tools to help you. Taobao shop on a shop, I saw a small beauty model of the makeup of the… Read Article →

To eliminate bags under the eyes of the five coup order to remove the lower eyelid or the formation of the capsule bag, the best day can be inclined to lie on a slant board for a few minutes, to take this posture, plus the head face blood circulation, to improve the nutritional status of facial skin. Every night before going to bed if with vitamin E capsule in the viscous liquid on the skin for a period of… Read Article →

In winter, drink plenty of water

Winter weather is cold and dry, a lot of people to be dry, sore throat, nosebleeds, yellow urine, that is, we usually say “lit”. In order to effectively prevent, can drink 1 thermos bottle boiling water per person per day is best. Can not wait until thirsty to drink water, because at this time, that the body has been in a state of drought. Develop the initiative to drink, the… Read Article →